500W portable AC DC solar generator

500W portable AC DC solar generator
  • 500W portable AC DC solar generator
  • 500W portable AC DC solar generator
  • 500W portable AC DC solar generator
  • 500W portable AC DC solar generator


  • Product No.: SP500A


Selling points: Remote area far away from grid power,or area with electricity short, for emergency lighting, Travelling person with emergency need.
This home 500W solar generator 220v(230V) or 110V (120V) with reasonable design of light weight, small size, high-power ,
current transfer ability from DC and AC in efficient way, and two method of battery-charge. Mainly used as back-up power station for home lighting, traveling,camping, exploration outside without electricity.

Suit for all remote area without electricity.

Battery charge method : Solar panels and AC power .

Foldable solar panel, portable suitcase.

This unit is of 500W modify sine wave inverter, make sure you understand this feature.
This one SP500A Modify sine wave inverter can be easily broken while it passes its limit 500W.    
So this one SP500A is not of any significance to load big electric devices like microwave,electric kettle,cooker.because it is just 20AH battery.
A small complete system,with 34W solar panel.
What it can load is perfect for some small electric device like LED blubs,LED tube lights,charge smartphone tablet,pad,laptop,electric  fan, radio, etc,
small electric devices!!!
Can load TV and computer,but can not last long time due to its small 20AH.(Power:20AH*12V=240W.H)

Portable fashion design briefcase:
11.5kg without solar panel and accessories
15kg with foldable solar panel

Item No Specifications Product Size
Carton Size ( L x W x H )mm NW(KG) GW(KG) Q'ty  Per Carton
SP500A Solar panels Pmax 34Wp 42.5x 30.5x 3.6 45x 31x 7 3.45 19KG 1pcs
Vmp 17.5V
Imp 2.28A
System voltage 12VDC 46x 34x 16 63x 48.5x 28 11.50
Modify  Sine Wave Inverter Out Capacity 500W
Output wave modify  sine wave
Output voltage AC220V / AC110V
Output frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Output current 2.27A(220V) /
Battery  Capacity 12V/20AH
Solar controller Solar controller 12V/10AH
Output socket 2 DC 12V output,1 DC car cigarette hole,1USB output,2 AC output
AC  Charger (Constant current output)12V/5A

Real pictures show:

Charged by AC home power or Solar panel

Optional LED lights:
2pcs*3W DC led light with 3m cable and holder

Strong package protection:


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